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Skill development


At Blooming Minds Academy, we are proud to encourage the development of social and motor skills, preparing your children to adapt to the school environment. The Creative Curriculum builds children’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills through hands-on, project-based investigations.

Our curriculum respects and nurtures individual skill progression for your child. It Incorporates language and vocabulary, concepts of print, emergent writing skills, and engaging read-aloud with a robust collection of children’s books. Embedded guidance enables the teachers to differentiate your child’s way of learning. Our curriculum provides learning experiences in a comfortable, friendly loving environment. Focused on teaching while having fun.

Extra workshops

Other activities for your children


We value movement and creative expression, and one of our little ones' favorite activities is dancing. During this activity, children will have the opportunity to explore different rhythms, move their bodies and let their imaginations fly to the beat of the music.


We encourage physical development and participation in sports activities, and one of the activities we promote is soccer. During this activity, children will have the opportunity to learn to participate in fun games and develop fundamental motor skills.

Martial Arts

Discipline and self-control are essential in children's development, and our karate classes give them the opportunity to cultivate these skills in a fun and safe way. Karate teaches children to concentrate, follow instructions and channel their energy constructively. Additionally, it promotes trust and respect towards others. It is an enriching experience that shapes not only the body, but also the character of our young participants.


This activity offers children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of classical dance. Through delicate and precise movements, little ones will learn to express themselves with beauty and harmony. Additionally, ballet helps develop muscle strength, coordination and posture, providing long-lasting physical and emotional benefits.


We promote a healthy and active lifestyle from childhood, and our fitness activity is the perfect choice. Through fun games and exercises, they will learn the importance of staying active and become familiar with the importance of physical health. Daycare fitness not only improves strength and endurance, but also instills healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


Do you have more questions?


Do you have more questions?